Medicines with cannabinoids are primarily intended for the treatment of pain and other neurological diseases such as epilepsy and autism.

Today, many patients live in pain without adequate pain relief. These patients do not receive adequate pain relief from common pain medications such as paracetamol and do not want to use opioids. Here is a need for pain-relieving drugs that are not covered today, a need where, for example, drugs with cannabinoids may play an important role.

In the United States, there are large and fast-growing markets with cannabinoid-based drugs, which are largely used for the treatment of pain patients and, in particular, those with pain associated with cancer.

The FDA recently approved the product Epidiolex, a cannabinoid oral spray for the treatment of epilepsy seizures, which is also a clear business opportunity for Klaria's buccal cannabinoid film.

Klaria intends to develop pain medications with cannabinoids that can provide these patients with a superior treatment alternative. Formulation work has begun and Klaria has received an exclusive license from Uppsalagruppen Medical AB for the development of buccal film with cannabinoids based on Klaria's patented film technology. The agreement means that Klaria receives an exclusive and perpetual license for the use of this class of substances containing 85 different molecules. Further terms in the agreement mean that Uppsala Group Medical AB receives royalties of three percent of Klaria's net income from any sale of products covered by this agreement.